15 Adar 1 5782

15 Adar 1 5782

Jan ‘22 The powerful אסיפה held recently focusing especially on mobile phones was addressed by מרן ראש הישיבה שליט”א, the Guest Speaker Horav Yeshaya Schlesinger שליט”א from London andמרן המשגיח Horav Mordechai Yosef Karnowsky שליט”א. It was well accepted that the free Yeshiva phone system in the bedrooms serves most of their important needs – removing the need for mobile/smart phones.

R’ Aryeh Melinek and Stevie Bodner of the GY Alumni committee visited the Hanholoh to discuss progress with the new dormitory block and other areas in the Alumni could help the Yeshiva.


• Mrs S Maxwell the Yeshiva secretary celebrated the marriage of her Son Aron. The Hanholas Hayeshiva made שבע ברכות
• Mr Shimon Guttentag celebrated the wedding of a granddaughter (Family Sulzbacher)

Ymei Limmud 2