24/25 July 2022 - ימי הלימוד

We are delighted to invite you to join us for our 2nd 2-day Ymei Limmud in the Yeshiva on 24-25 July ’22 (Jewish date).

Over 100 alumni really enjoyed the 2021 event – an opportunity to remember our days in the Yeshiva, to participate in shiurim by the Roshei Yeshiva and to discuss topics with the ‘next generation’.

The learning program included chavrusa learning and participation in special shiurim, with notes. There was also time to meet (old?) friends at the meals, coffee breaks and the special Dinner, with a guest speaker, on Sunday evening.

Plans are advanced for the 2022 event and if you are thinking of joining (even if you are unsure), please register below reserve your place. We may well be oversubscribed.

Here is a little more information:


We plan for a group booking on a train from London early on Sunday morning and returning Monday evening. Provisionally 9.00am train from Kings Cross on Sunday and 5.27pm train back on Monday.


We plan to make a group booking in one of the local hotels.


Learning will start late Sunday morning, with chavrusa and shiurim throughout the day and a grand dinner in the evening. On Monday will again start early in the morning with and ending around 5pm for our journey back. All meals will be served and regular drinks/snacks


We invite you to make a voluntary donation of £100 (the same as last year) to cover all our costs.